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Reasons and Notices for Making Anti-counterfeiting Labels for Automobile Parts

Datetime: 2019-03-09 07:28:24    Views: 818

The anti-counterfeiting label of automobile parts is mainly based on two-dimensional code, anti-counterfeiting technology as the center, and Wechat public number as the auxiliary way. By scanning the two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels on automobile accessories, consumers can not only have the function of anti-counterfeiting, but also complete traceability and marketing. Through the scanned data, they can accurately collect the data information of end-users of products, thus increasing brand publicity, increasing consumers"second purchase and brand publicity.

Reasons for the birth of anti-counterfeiting labels for automotive parts:

There are more and more fake and inferior auto parts, which has a great impact on brand manufacturers. But the old generation of anti-counterfeiting labels for automotive parts has expired. Now good impression packaging has introduced a new anti-counterfeiting label for automotive parts. It can distinguish anti-counterfeiting labels for consumers, and help enterprises to complete marketing and promotion, and establish their own fan groups.

Precautions for the fabrication of anti-counterfeiting labels for automobile accessories:

1. The shape of the anti-counterfeiting label should match the shape of the product. If the product is a beverage in a cylinder bottle or the diameter of the product is very small, the smaller label should be chosen. Generally speaking, too large or too small standard of anti-counterfeiting label is not conducive to the product to play its anti-counterfeiting function.

2. Material for anti-counterfeiting label of auto parts should be considered. If the appearance of the product is too lubricated, the general material may not be able to be overlaid on the product, and other materials need to be selected. For example, the special appearance of a spherical surface should consider the selection of materials that are compatible with the sphere and can not be deformed.

3. The manufacture of anti-counterfeiting labels for automotive parts needs to be able to adapt to the same normal environment as the products. For example, the products need to be used and preserved at a specific temperature or humidity. The labels should also have the same operating conditions. If they need to be placed in a low temperature environment, the labels also need to be able to be pasted and used normally in a low temperature environment.

The reason why anti-counterfeiting labels of automobile accessories can be applied is that they not only have the advantages and characteristics of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels, but also have strong functions of anti-duplication and anti-transfer.

The anti-counterfeiting label of auto parts can not only play the role of anti-counterfeiting, but also help consumers to search the related introduction of enterprises and promotional information of other products by scanning two-dimensional codes. It can also participate in the activities of member points, interactive award-winning of enterprises, complete the functions of product traceability and anti-channeling, and can also directly transfer shopping malls to complete payment and purchase.