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Located in Danbei Town, Danyang City, Danyang Faluli Automobile Fittings Co., Ltd. is located in an advantageous geographical position. It is adjacent to Changzhou Airport, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and Changzhou Port. Provincial Highways 101 and 128 run through each other. Water, land and air transportation are very convenient. It is a common place for Chinese and foreign businessmen. The company has 5 blow moulding machines, 12 100-800 ton hydraulic presses, 15 60-200 ton punches and various tonnage injection moulding machines. The company takes rigorous management concept, advocates people-oriented, full participation, and carries forward the spirit of techn ...


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There are many auto parts dealers who have been mixing with rivers and lakes for more than ten years. They have maintained a dismal state of operat ...